PMA Fresh Summit

In October SPI travelled to Los Angeles to attend the Fresh Summit convention and exhibition. The exhibition included more than 1,000 companies in the fresh produce and floral industry showcasing their latest products, services and innovations. This was a great opportunity for us to meet and network with representatives from major companies in the fresh produce industry. These events attract top management and key stakeholders offering unique opportunities to reach out and establish relationships with potential customers. The overall takeaways from the show is that the industry is being pushed to move in a sustainable direction. The idea with Q-Bic of increasing the amount of product on a pallet was an eye opener to several of the companies we met and something many want to get a better understanding of. Also, the plastic debate was high on the agenda as all companies are looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic. This forces companies to look at their current packaging solutions which contributes to lowering the barrier to change packaging. Creating awareness of Q-Bic around the world remains the main priority and we will be back at the PMA next year.