Ship Less Air

Reduce carbon footprint, logistical costs and food waste – Increase profits, sustainability and reputation with the innovative Q-Bic® packaging design

The Challenge

Typically around 50% of the volume of a pallet with food products consists of air in between single food containers. Air moving through the supply chain contributes to unnecessary carbon emissions and increased logistical costs.

Our Solution

Q-Bic® is a unique patented packaging concept featuring a cube that is assembled by six individual pyramid-shaped trays. The cube consists of less than 10% air making it the most volume efficient food packaging solution for a variety of food products.


With Q-Bic you normally get from 1,4 to more than 2,5 X additional products on a pallet compared to existing packaging solutions. Fewer pallets moving through the supply chain reduces the overall carbon footprint and logistical costs.

Q-Bic cubes always consists of 6 pyramid-shaped trays, with less than 10% air in the cube. The cube is a very solid construction, substantially reducing food waste.

Our first deliveries of fresh produce, berries, and salads are now on the way to retailers. Please contact us for more information, for samples or if you are interested in doing a pilot with Q-Bic. 


Berries often travel the longest distances from producers to markets. The Q-Bic packaging solution has been tested and optimized for berries and the design ensures efficient cooling, good air flow, and that moisture can evaporate from during transport and storage.

Fresh Produce

Salads and fresh produce often travel long distances from producers to markets and the rapidly increasing demand for fresh produce results in more carbon-intensive transport due to low lead time requirements.

Competitor vs Q-Bic

Using Q-Bic trays for salads and fresh produce will ensure 2 - 2.5 x more products on the pallets. On the left pallet are 520 competing salads, and on the right pallet are 528 Q-Bic salads. Both trays of course with the exact same internal volume.