The Q-Bic environmentally friendly packaging solution is designed to reduce carbon emissions, packaging material, and logistical costs.


Salads and fresh produce often travel long distances from producers to markets and the rapidly increasing demand for fresh produce results in more carbon-intensive transport due to low lead time requirements.

With Q-Bic packaging solutions, you can pack up to 2.5 times the amount of consumer packages on the pallet, which dramatically reduces costs, emissions, and lead time.

Tray Configurations and Savings

Q-Bic trays can be made with multiple compartments to match the function of current trays.

The Q-Bic tray (to the left) has the same internal volume as the competing tray (to the right) but you will get 1296 salads on the pallet with Q-Bic, instead of 520 salads which represents a full pallet with competing trays.

This means that on a given volume of 6 mill. salads, you ship the same number of salads with 5.016 pallets of Q-Bic trays - instead of 11.538 pallets with competing trays. Or put another way: One will save approximately 200 trucks annually- or 4 trucks per week.

Consumer packaged goods with Q-Bic will normally mean between 1.4 and 2.5 the number of products on the pallet, depending on category, product, and existing packaging.

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