The Q-Bic environmentally friendly packaging solution is designed to reduce carbon emissions, packaging material, and logistical costs.

Competing vs Q-Bic

Using Q-Bic trays for salads and fresh produce will ensure 2 - 2.5 x more products on the pallets. In the example shown, Q-Bic gets 2.5x the products on the pallet compared to the competing trays, with exactly the same internal volume in the three-chamber trays.

520 Competing

528 Q-Bic



The Q-Bic design works well both from the multipack/distribution box, or consumer packs can be placed on shelves. Q-Bic can be placed flat - at 90 degrees with a back support, or at a 45 degree angle without support.


Pet food is perfect for Q-Bic and will take up half the space throughout the whole value chain. Also, pet food often is an e-commerce product which makes it a perfect match with our Q-Bic design due to space efficiency and the strength of the cube.


Q-Bic is a very good match with dairy, desserts, cereals, and typical "on-the-go” products.

The strength of the cubes in combination with the space efficiency in freezers, fridges, and cupboards makes Q-Bic the perfect 6-pack - or multi-pack for larger families and markets.


Berries often travel the longest distances from producers to markets. The Q-Bic packaging solution has been tested and optimized for berries and the design ensures efficient cooling, good air flow, and that moisture can evaporate from clam shells during transport and storage.

The strength of the cubes also ensures that the berries reach the country of destination and the retailer without damage, and consequently without loss of profit.

Watch Strength Demo


Salads and fresh produce often travel long distances from producers to markets and the rapidly increasing demand for fresh produce results in more carbon-intensive transport due to low lead time requirements.

With Q-Bic packaging solutions, you can pack up to 2.5 times the amount of consumer packages on the pallet, which dramatically reduces costs, emissions, and lead time.

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